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      Designer with more than 20 years experience.

      My name is Saef i am 39 from Egypt, i lived more than 15 years in Sharm El Sheikh so most of my clients were foreigners so am used to deal with them. I’ve been working in Graphics Design for more than 20 years i learned photoshop since version 3. I worked on website for 15 years now starting from basic HTML and now love working on WordPress. I am graduated from Fine Arts so i do hand painting also and i studied Graphics as my main major. I’ve just started this account so am trying to get my first Job well done to get better review, this will guarantee that you will get the best service. My Portfolio is not finished yet am still working on it you can check it anyway if you like. Thanks


      • Hourly Rate: £100.00/h
      • Rating:
      • Experience: 15 years
      • Projects worked: 0
      • Total earned: £0.00
      • Country: Egypt