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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


      What is Creativizer?

      Creativizer is the first digital platform that connects Egyptian creative talents with brands in the local market.

      Who are the Creativizers?

      Talented Creatives who are passionate:

       1) Copy (Copywriter, scriptwriter, content creator) 

       2) Art (Graphic Designer, illustrator, Animator)

      3) Digital (Website Designer & developer)

      4) Media Production (Photographer, videographer & voiceover)

      How can I be eligible to have a freelancer profile on Creativizer?

      3 words: Creative Egyptian Talent

      Do I have to be a professional creative to have a profile?

      Creativizer offers equals opportunity climate, helping fresh talents to rise & professional creatives to shine

      Is Creativizer Free?

      Yes, it’s absolutely free for creatives to present their work & for brands to post their projects

      Does Creativizer have any Fees?

      Creativizer will only collect a management fees as % of the project amount after final delivery

      Is Creativizers open to all nationalities?

      No, currently Egyptian creatives only

      Why is Creativizers for Egyptians only?

      The main vision behind Creativizer, is to build an Egyptian creative community, and we strongly believe that during the incubation period these talents should be protected, supported & be given the opportunity to rise & shine.

       Also another important dimension behind the decision, is that brands in the local market need creative talents that can understand the mindset of consumers, share common cultural sense and feel emotional drivers. That’s how authentic creativity can glow.